How to use the site

Painting Tree is really set up for the gamer looking to have work done.

The right hand column is where you will find the two categories you can search for artists by. Artists are broken down by the level of painting they prefer to work at and the games they prefer to paint for. Just click on one of the links to see all of the artists available at that particular painting level or for that particular game.

The reason there are only two categories at this point is because most of us know what level we would like our stuff painted to and sometimes we'd like to work with someone who is familiar with a certain game so they have a working knowledge of the background and colors used for particular models.

With each artist, you'll be able to see up to five samples of their work and some info about their commission process. Once you find the artist you want to talk to, just use the email address they've provided to get in touch with them.

Finding an artist is as simple as that.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you're able to find and artist and get started today.

- Ron