Welcome to Painting Tree

Welcome to the one place on the web where you can go to find a commission artist to get something done.
Whether you're looking to have one model or an army done, this is the place for you to find an artist that can help you out.

Painting Tree was set up as a way to help gamers find commission artists. When I started my own commission work, I quickly discovered two things.

First, it can be tough trying to get your name out there to be seen and second, there is no place for interested people to go to check out multiple artists and pick the one they like best to do work for them.

As I grew my commission work, I found myself overwhelmed with the number of requests for work. Work that I know other artists would love to have a chance at. I'm hoping this site will help match up artists with interested gamers and help get some more armies painted!

VERY IMPORTANT: With the site's new launch, the list of artists will be growing weekly so make sure you check back regularly if you're looking to have something done. You never know, someone new might be able to help you out.

And make sure to tell your friends who do commission work to stop by and get listed!

A huge thanks to everyone who is submitting their info, I am getting Artists added as fast as I can so bear with me if it takes a day or two for me to get you added.

If you've got a question or comment,
You can email me at: ronsaikowski_illus(at)msn.com

Thanks for visiting and I hope the site helps you find what you need!